Refocus for agriculture under climate change not retreat

While the degree and speed of climate change maybe uncertain, we know the global demand for food and bio fuel sources is growing rapidly.

Production techniques and enterprise choice may change but skilled farmers will continue to meet community and market demands.




7 Responses to “Refocus for agriculture under climate change not retreat”

  1. Grant Says:

    Hi Michael

    Great comment
    Grant Schroeder

  2. mseyfang Says:

    There is going to be a squeeze as food production drops and demand increases. get ready for much higher food prices.

  3. KerryJ Says:

    Well said / blogged!

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  5. Michelle Says:

    Skilled farmers may continue to meet community and market demands but will they still be able to make good profits? Or will it be the Big Supermarkets that line their pockets with the rising cost of food?

  6. michaelyptest Says:

    Thanks for the intuitive comment Michelle.
    For farmers to build sustainable profits they will need continue to develop their skills and have a strong grasp of community and market needs.

    Growers will also need to know their cost of production and be regularly informed on market trends, including global or local supply and demand.

    For growers to efficiently gather this information they will need to understand how to best use communication technologies such as web based tools, hence my efforts to become familiar with opportunites these technologies provide.

    As regional line speeds increase, regional people have much to gain from more efficient access to information and communication through web based tools.

    Cheers Michael

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